Celebrating Michigan’s Energy Independence

Before you head out to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Alliance for Michigan Power wants to take a moment to celebrate our energy independence. If you’ve been following AMP for the past few years, you know that responsible and reasonable electric regulation helps create a stronger, more self-sufficient Michigan.

Here are the top five ways a well regulated electric market contributes to Michigan’s energy independence:

  1. Supporting Michigan jobs. When we talk about keeping Michigan powered by Michiganders, for Michiganders, we’re talking about the hardworking men and women that work for our local energy providers. Expanding electric deregulation in Michigan drives energy jobs out of state so other states benefit from economic activity related to Michigan’s energy use.
  2. Encouraging investments in Michigan’s energy infrastructure. A smartly regulated electric market enables local energy providers like DTE Energy and Consumers Energy to make the necessary investments in supporting, maintaining, and improving our electric infrastructure. That’s something that out-of-state energy companies simply don’t do.
  3. Keeping rates stable and fair. A regulated market for electricity helps preserve access to reliable energy for all Michiganders. Because out-of-state energy companies don’t pay to support our state’s electric grid, that cost shifts to the majority of Michiganders who rely on local energy providers.
  4. Planning for the future. A well-regulated electric market enables Michigan to more effectively plan for things like our looming capacity shortfall. New federal regulations coupled with nine coal-fired plant closures means Michigan’s energy providers must plan for capacity while transitioning to a new generation of power plants. Deregulating our electric market further will only compound these issues, making it harder to plan for a bright energy future.
  5. Increasing our self-reliance. Electric regulation helps ensure we are able to produce the energy we need as a state, right here in Michigan. It also prevents us from becoming overly reliant on other states for our energy needs.

As you celebrate America’s independence, keep in mind the ways in which a regulated electric market creates a more energy-independent Michigan. From the Alliance for Michigan Power, have a happy and safe Fourth of July!