Celebrating Michigan’s Energy Independence

Celebrating our independence as Americans on the 4th of July reminds us how important independence is to our way of life.  For AMP, that includes energy independence.

As you prepare to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, here’s a quick reminder of what energy independence means for Michiganders and this unique and wonderful place we call home:

1. Michigan Does Not Have to Rely on Other States For Our Power Supply
Investing in an energy-independent Michigan ensures we are able to meet our state’s own energy needs now and secure reliable energy for the future. We cannot afford to become overly dependent on energy from other states, who may be struggling to meet their own citizens’ energy needs, without making ourselves vulnerable to energy disruptions and unpredictable spikes in our energy costs.

2. Michigan Energy Means Investment in Michigan Jobs and Communities
When we support energy produced by Michiganders for Michiganders, we support tens of thousands of local jobs and businesses across the state.  We also ensure tax dollars from energy generation and distribution stay here in Michigan rather than going to communities in other states.  Those dollars fund Michigan schools, roads, health care, and emergency services, just to name a few things we all benefit from. 

3. Michigan is Able to Determine Its Own Energy Future
Late last year, Michigan legislators passed landmark energy policy that set a framework for Michigan’s energy future. Rather than having our energy solutions dictated by Washington or by what might happen in other states, Michigan has a plan that makes sense for us and the unique needs of our local communities.  We can focus on building new capacity, expanding renewable energy, and ensuring the energy needs of all Michigan consumers are met fairly and reliably, knowing that we maintain control over our energy choices.  

So this 4th of July, as part of celebrating what it means to be Americans and live in a free nation, AMP will be celebrating the steps Michigan is taking to maintain its energy independence. As the fireworks light up the sky this Tuesday, we will remember that Michigan energy lights up our economy, our jobs, and our daily lives.  

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy 4th of July.