Carbon Reduction Means More than Just Renewable Energy

High levels of carbon emissions spell bad news for the environment, and there isn’t a single silver bullet for addressing the problem.

This Earth Day, we’re clearing the air (get it?) on some common carbon misconceptions.

Reducing carbon emissions is crucial to keeping energy production and use sustainable for the future—especially as our world continues to develop greater dependency on digital tools, electronic devices, and automated processes. It’s also necessary for a healthy environment.

Renewable energy sources are definitely an important part of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. But resources like solar and wind are only a small piece of the puzzle.

AMP believes it’s important to focus not just on the mechanisms but the end goal, which is helping every Michigander reduce his or her carbon footprint through smarter energy use, cleaner energy generation, and a flexible energy strategy.

The right mix to combat carbon emissions

So, what is the smart strategy to combat carbon emissions while also meeting Michigan’s energy needs in the short and long term?

It can be summed up as follows:

  1. Develop a flexible, all-of-the-above energy supply that leverages clean energy like natural gas and nuclear along with renewable energy like universal solar, hydro, and wind (and other energy sources that are still emerging) to ensure Michigan can adapt to what is happening with the weather and in the market at any given time.
  2. Give Michigan energy consumers, large and small, greater ability to reduce their energy use by being more aware of how and when they use energy, and how they can make smarter choices that reduce both their energy costs and their carbon footprint through increased energy efficiency.
  3. Focus on solutions that have the greatest impact for everyone in Michigan, not just individual homes or businesses, so that we’re all working toward a cleaner future together and reaping the benefits of smarter energy solutions together as well.

Did you know?
Michigan’s local energy providers are the state’s largest investors in renewable energy, too.

Having a future-focused approach to energy is vital. Solar and wind energy alone can’t reliably supply all the energy Michiganders need every day, rain or shine, day and night. That’s why AMP supports a true all-of-the-above energy supply for Michigan.

What about you? If you believe Michigan can build a brighter energy future by focusing on results rather than mechanisms, sign our statement of support for a flexible energy supply today.