Big Three Plan Big Investments for Electric Vehicles in Michigan

Private investments by the Big Three automakers—General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler—are poised to ignite new growth for Michigan manufacturing and spur the production of electric vehicles in our state.

Each company has announced its own plan to ramp up investment in electric vehicles in Michigan, creating jobs, reducing carbon, and strengthening our economy in the process.

Fiat Chrysler

In late February, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced their plans to “build a new assembly plant in Detroit and add production at five existing Michigan facilities,” amounting to a $4.5 billion dollar investment that is expected to create 6,500 new jobs in Michigan. The new Detroit-based plant would be the “first new assembly plant to be built in the city” in almost 30 years.

The company has set its sights on building new hybrid and fully electric Jeep models. The move to “electrify its future Jeep lineup” includes major upgrades to existing factories and comes on the heels of another announcement last year that “all Jeeps will get electrified powertrains”—the mechanism that transmits a vehicle’s drive from the engine to its axle.

General Motors

GM confirmed its plan in March to invest $300 million in an assembly plant in suburban Detroit in order to build a new Chevrolet electric vehicle. The company has verified that “it would be built on the same platform as the existing Chevrolet Bolt EV.” The announcement is part of a larger $1.8 billion investment in the company’s U.S. operations, creating 700 new jobs and supporting 28,000 jobs across Michigan and five other states.

Ford Motor Company

Ford announced a hefty investment in electric vehicle production in Michigan back in March. The company is investing $850 million to make its Flat Rock assembly plant the “home of its EV production,” creating 900 new jobs through 2023. The investment comes as part of Ford’s $11.1 billion commitment to electric vehicles. The company cites the growth rate in electric vehicles as driving their decision to increase production capacity in southeast Michigan.

Ford is also investing $500 million in Michigan-based electric vehicle startup Rivian, which debuted an all-electric pickup truck and a full-size SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018. Ford says it will partner with Rivian to build its battery electric vehicle using the Plymouth-based startup’s “flexible skateboard platform.”

Electric Vehicles: Driving our Clean Energy Future and our Economy

Michigan is leading the way in the electric vehicle revolution. Investments from the Big Three have us on track to create local jobs, strengthen our economy, and pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. So start your engines—and full speed ahead!