Balanced Approach to Renewables Leads to Cuts in Customer Surcharges

The common-sense approach Michigan has taken with developing renewable resources since the 2008 energy law was passed has not only been successful, it has proven to be very cost effective as well—so much so that Consumers Energy and DTE Energy, two of the state’s largest energy producers, have been able to steadily decrease the standalone renewable surcharges they had to add to their customers’ bills beginning in 2009. Moreover, they’ve been able to do so while supporting jobs and continuing to invest in Michigan. Click here to read more about this exciting news.

The Right Pace

Michigan’s energy companies have committed billions of dollars to developing in-state renewable resources and building the necessary infrastructure. This has allowed them to make conscientious decisions to meet the practical interim targets established in 2008 and stay on pace to accomplish the ultimate goal of generating 10% of their electricity sales from renewable sources by the end of 2015.

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The Right Plan

The gradual process of integrating resources like wind and solar energy has promoted stable pricing and reliable access to energy in the short-term while also helping secure Michigan’s long-term energy future. Renewable projects are being developed thoughtfully every step of the way, which will not only help ensure that these options have the best chance to flourish, but also that their return on investment stays here in Michigan to boost our state and local economies over the next few decades. Clearly, we’re making the right moves and heading in the right direction with respect to renewable energy. Michigan now has a solid foundation to build upon; the stage is set to progressively develop clean, energy-efficient solutions that create jobs and provide in-state economic benefits.