AMP Votes 2016: Six Reasons to Vote for Michigan Energy on November 8

Election Day is just around the corner. Are you ready to vote for Michigan energy?

From highlighting local and state candidates’ positions on energy issues to our Choose Michigan selfie campaign, AMP wants to help you get the word out about the need to support candidates who understand the unique challenges facing our state when it comes to securing our energy future.

Here are six solid reasons to vote for Michigan energy on Election Day:

1. Tens of thousands of Michigan jobs and a stronger economy.

Choosing Michigan energy means helping support thousands of jobs created by the industry and tens of thousands more supported indirectly. Choosing Michigan helps local energy providers invest in building new energy generation, creating even more jobs and keeping our economy strong.

2. Stronger communities, including $1.2+ billion for education.

Michigan’s communities are stronger when our policies support energy produced by Michiganders, for Michiganders. The tax revenue and capital investments of local energy providers helps fund our schools, emergency services, and so much more.

3. A cleaner energy future via expansion of Michigan’s renewable portfolio standard from 10 to 15 percent.

Choosing Michigan at the ballot box also means choosing to work toward a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable energy future for all Michiganders. More than that, however, it means finding a way to make renewables work for Michigan without undermining reliability, affordability, or fairness for anyone as the Nofs-Proos proposal would do.

4. Addressing capacity issues as Michigan loses 60 percent of its coal-fired generation.

Michigan and the entire Midwest will face a capacity shortfall in the coming years as more coal-fired power plants continue to go offline. By supporting Michigan energy at the polls, we can ensure local energy providers are able to continue investing in our electric infrastructure so we can address our capacity issues head-on.

5. Improved reliability in the face of our capacity issues.

If there’s one thing to learn about the capacity crisis the Midwest faces, it’s that we cannot simply rely on importing energy from surrounding states, especially as those states face their own energy issues. We need to be able to create the energy we need as a state in order to help keep energy reliable for everyone.

6. Fairness for all, especially the 99 percent of Michiganders who have paid $2 billion to subsidize deregulated energy consumers since 2009.

Under our partially deregulated electric system, 99 percent of Michiganders are paying more to support our electric infrastructure so 1 percent can purchase their power from out of state. We need to Choose Michigan at the ballot box so legislators can enact the Nofs-Proos legislation, which addresses the underlying issue of fairness.

If you haven’t already, join our Choose Michigan selfie campaign on social media and tell everyone you plan on voting for Michigan energy at the polls tomorrow!