AMP Votes 2016: Share a Selfie to Show You’re Ready to Choose Michigan on November 8!

We’ve been talking a lot about how our leaders in Lansing need to “Choose Michigan” when it comes to energy policies, both to meet the challenges we face today and to secure our energy future tomorrow.

Voting for leaders who support Michigan-made energy solutions is the first step.

Help get the word out about the need to vote for Michigan energy by participating in our AMP Votes 2016 Choose Michigan social media campaign. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Print out your own copy of our AMP Votes 2016 sign
  2. Take a selfie with your AMP Votes 2016 sign so both you and the sign are visible
  3. Share your selfie on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #AMPVotes2016 and #ChooseMichigan

In this important election year, it’s vital to support state and local candidates who understand the challenges and opportunities Michigan faces when it comes to securing our energy future. You support Michigan energy — your candidates should, too!

We’re encouraging everyone to join in this fun, easy way to show your family and friends — and your candidates — that you support Michigan energy in Election 2016!

Help us get the word out — post your selfie today!