AMP Votes 2016: Where Local Candidates Stand on Energy

Back in September, the Alliance for Michigan Power sent out a questionnaire to all major candidates running for elected office in Michigan.  Our goal was to provide an opportunity for candidates to speak to the AMP community about their positions on a number of energy-related issues that the AMP community has been discussing over the past few years.

The results are in—and we’re excited to share them with you. Check out the results of the AMP Votes 2016 Candidate Questionnaire to learn where your candidates stand on Michigan energy policy. 

We asked the candidates about some of the major energy issues that impact everyday Michiganders, including:

We didn’t hear back from everyone we sent questionnaires to, but the responses we did receive help paint a clearer picture of where many candidates stand when it comes to confronting the energy issues Michigan faces now and in the future.

Take a few minutes to see if any candidates running for office in your area weighed in on the energy issues facing Michigan today. Remember, the next wave of elected officials Michiganders vote into office will have a significant impact on the shape of our state’s energy policy.

Let’s get out the vote and ensure our elected officials choose Michigan when it comes to securing our energy future!