AMP Votes 2016: Getting Engaged in the Primaries

With Super Tuesday behind us, the 2016 election season officially is in full swing.  Statewide, Michiganders are gearing up for our presidential primary election tomorrow, March 8. Are you prepared?

Energy in the Election

As we’ve seen with the recent Clean Power Plan from the EPA and the subsequent action by the Supreme Court, federal policies do affect Michigan’s energy policies in significant ways.

At AMP we’re working hard to ensure that Michigan’s energy future remains in the hands of Michiganders, not legislators in Washington.

We encourage you to take a close look where each of the presidential candidates stands on energy policy.  Will they be willing to work with Michigan to encourage and support fair, flexible legislation that promises a secure energy future for Michiganders?

We hope you’ve taken some time to educate yourself on the candidates ahead of this week’s primary. And don’t forget to cast your vote tomorrow!