AMP Holiday Wish List!

Everybody has a holiday wish list—even the Alliance for Michigan Power!

This holiday season, AMP wishes for…

  1. More/full funding of LIHEAP: LIHEAP (the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) helps low-income families in Michigan meet their immediate home energy needs. In recent years, federal budget cutbacks have reduced the reach of the LIHEAP program, even as the number of those in need has increased. We wish for more (ideally, full) federal funding for LIHEAP to help Michigan families stay warm through our cold winters.
  2. And fewer who need LIHEAP: At the same time, with the economic recovery gathering steam, we wish for fewer families in need of LIHEAP assistance in 2015 and beyond. Michigan energy providers are doing their part by supporting a strong economy and good jobs in Michigan—as well as by sponsoring their own energy assistance programs.
  3. A warmer winter: There is no doubt about it: last winter was brutal. This year, we wish for a shorter, warmer winter so that all Michigan families—especially low-income families and those who rely on LIHEAP—won’t have to struggle hard to stay warm and financially stable during the longest months of the year.  
  4. An even stronger economy: With the Michigan economy improving at a moderate pace, we wish for the economic recovery to continue to pick up momentum. With the right energy policies in place—and a lot of sweat, grit, and hard work by Michigan’s amazing workforce—we can end 2015 in a much better economic situation than we start it.
  5. Smart energy policies in 2015: Speaking of energy policies—with key parts of the 2008 state energy law set to expire next year, we wish for legislators in Lansing to take a smart approach to energy policy in 2015. This is especially important in regards to electric deregulation, a bad idea that some in Michigan still promote nonetheless.
  6. A Detroit Lions playoff berth: With the Lions having one of the best seasons in recent memory, our hopes are high. This year, we are very thankful to be able to wish for a trip to the playoffs—or at very least a victory over the Packers in the final regular season game! And of course a Super Bowl win would be nice…
  7. Do you have an “energy wish list” this holiday season? If so, let us know—we’d love to hear what’s on it!