Addressing Reliability Challenges during Storm Season

Late spring and early summer in Michigan are beautiful.  As we’ve already seen this year, they can also be a time of intense storms.

When severe weather becomes more frequent, “weather management and response must become a proactive task” for local energy providers.

Michigan’s local energy providers are finding new ways to work with local communities to strengthen and improve energy reliability in the heart of storm season.  Here are just a few examples:

Emergency response resources.  Late last year, Consumers Energy announced it would be expanding its fleet of line workers “in order to increase its response to emergencies, enhance reliability and restore power after storms.”  Meanwhile, DTE Energy is using innovative, new techniques to train its emergency response workers “to handle dangerous situations such as repairing downed high-voltage wires with the use of virtual reality headsets.”



As storm season picks up, local energy providers and the men and women who are part of their emergency response teams will continue to be on the front lines, addressing power outages, downed lines, and other issues as they arise.  Through proactive education, investment in our energy infrastructure, and emergency response efforts—local energy providers continue to work with Michigan communities to keep the power on for everyone, especially when it’s needed most.

You can help by reporting outages quickly when they occur, and following safety guidelines (here and here) to make sure no one gets hurt while emergency response teams are taking care of the problem.