Access is Opportunity

We live in a world where energy is critical to every aspect of our lives: family, work, education, commerce, transportation, health care, entertainment, communication, and more- everything depends on energy.

In short, energy is opportunity. And that’s why access to energy for all of Michigan’s families and businesses is a central concern of the Alliance for Michigan Power. You can help us improve energy access and affordability by signing the AMP petition.

Too many Michiganders currently live with uncertainty when it comes to energy. There are about 1.2 million Michigan families at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. Many of them are forced to make choices between keeping the power on and paying for other needs like food, shelter, or medicine.

Michigan energy companies are working with our congressional delegation and our state and local governments to improve energy access through:

Stable Pricing

Upgrading our electrical grid will make our electricity supply more reliable, more efficient, and protect Michigan households from price volatility. We need policies that encourage investment.

Energy Assistance

State and federal funds are available to help low-income Michiganders stay current with their bills and improve energy efficiency, most notably the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Unfortunately, these funds are frequently targets for budget cuts.

Payment Options

Most of Michigan’s energy companies offer payment plans to allow customers to better manage their budgets when seasons change. For those already behind, payment agreements can help keep them on pace to meet their obligations.

Working Together
AMP recognizes that a combination of solutions will be necessary to protect consumers from price volatility, promote fairness and accountability, and keep electricity affordable and reliable. That’s why we are bringing citizens, policymakers, and energy providers together to help us find the best solutions for all of Michigan’s energy needs.