Aaron’s Fabrication

Hear from the Owner

Sue Bursteinowicz, owner of Aaron’s Fabrication, talks about how this business of eight Michiganders is proud to be part of the energy supply chain in Michigan.

“As a Certified Woman Owned Business, we take pride in the work we do.  Working closely with Consumers Energy and DTE supplying the brackets and fittings for the meters, we have been able to expand our operations.  In fact, this May we moved from a 6,000-sq. foot warehouse space to a 14,000-sq. foot space.”

Why Keeping Energy Local Matters

Businesses like Aaron’s Fabrication are supported by Michigan-first energy policies that encourage investments in our local energy supply chain.

“Keeping a focus on Michigan-first energy policies will help to strengthen Michigan’s economy.  When we invest in Michigan’s energy future, we are investing in job creation for Michiganders. Our state is growing, our demand for energy is increasing, and we need to ensure that Michigan remains in control now and into the future.”

What does Aaron’s Fabrication do?

Aaron’s Fabrication has been doing business with Michigan’s local energy companies, providing essential welding services for local energy companies and engineered products.

With eight employees, Aaron’s Fabrication welding services are essential in cutting, bending, and assembling metal structures to construct strong and supportive energy infrastructure.