A Balanced Approach to Clean Energy Benefits all Michiganders

Recent initiatives by local energy providers and Michigan-based companies continue to help our state preserve its role as a leader in clean energy. Maintaining a balanced approach to achieving our clean energy and net zero goals is a critical part of these efforts.

Local energy providers and Michigan businesses alike are working to secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future—without sacrificing reliability, fairness, or affordability—by focusing on the bigger picture of carbon reduction. That means expanding use of renewables while also advancing other clean energy goals and technologies.

Some recent developments transforming Michigan’s clean energy landscape include:

Reaching Michigan’s net zero goals will require increasing use of our renewable energy resources. However, universal wind and solar power alone won’t be enough to hit those goals or secure the clean energy future Michigan communities deserve.

Multiple sectors—from the private to the public—need to work together to innovation, create local jobs, and support investments across Michigan’s economy. Ultimately, when it comes to our goals as a state, balance is the key to a cleaner, more economically vibrant future for Michigan.

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