The 3 Fs of an Energy-Independent Michigan

By now, you know the 3 Fs—fairness for all Michiganders, a strong future, and the flexibility to adapt to new technologies and changing federal regulations.  A fair, flexible energy policy that puts our state firmly in control of its energy future will also achieve another key goal: making Michigan more energy independent.

Energy independence for Michigan means our state is able to produce the energy we need here, rather than relying on other states for their energy leftovers. It means we are creating jobs, strengthening our economy, and keeping energy reliable and fairly priced for everyone.

So what will it take to make Michigan energy independent? Keep reading to learn more.

An All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy

For a more energy-independent Michigan, we need to leverage all the energy resources —especially cleaner fuel sources such as natural gas and renewables like wind and solar.  We can achieve this by:



In addition to drawing on all the energy resources we have available, energy efficiency will also play a critical role in helping us achieve true energy independence.  Working hand-in-hand, energy efficiency and increasing use of clean energy will allow us to build a bright, sustainable future for Michigan, while also helping Michigan families and businesses save money today.

Guaranteeing Capacity (and Fairness) for all Michiganders

Another critical milestone Michigan must pass on our path to a more energy-independent future is ensuring all Michiganders have the energy they need—not just day to day, but over the long term as well. 

As you know, electric deregulation has created a lot of problems for our state and other states that have experimented with it.  And we mean a lotOne of the biggest issues that must be addressed to fix the disparities created under this system is ensuring out-of-state energy companies are able to guarantee capacity for their Michigan customers.  As it stands, these companies don’t currently do this, making it harder for local energy providers and our state as a whole to accurately plan for our state’s energy needs.

Legislation recently passed out of the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee would hold these out-of-state companies accountable for capacity planning and ensure they and their customers are paying their fair share to keep Michigan’s electric infrastructure strong. These critical measures will benefit all Michiganders—regardless of who supplies their electricity—in a number of ways:

Putting Michigan in Control

Finally, true energy independence means Michigan will be in control of making the energy decisions that impact us all—not out-of-state interests or federal regulators.

Michigan must be able to put together a plan that is flexible enough to meet changing federal regulations, while also ensuring our state is on the right track for economic prosperity.
The Michigan Legislature must act this year to update our state’s energy policy and then work together to ensure we are able to meet the EPA’s new rules on emissions—or rules that may change again in the future—in ways that make sense for Michigan, not Washington, D.C.