3 Easy New Year’s (Energy) Resolutions

As we settle into a new year, many of us are probably making New Year’s resolutions—from keeping in touch with friends and family to eating better and exercising regularly to reading more.

In 2021, AMP would like to challenge all our members to also make some energy-related changes that will help us secure a cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable energy future.   Below are three easy New Year’s energy resolutions you can make today.

  1. Resolve to Use Energy More Wisely

We covered a lot of energy efficiency tips in 2020—both at home and at around your place of business. Many AMP members stepped up to take our summer energy efficiency challenge, which provided 15 energy-efficient actions to reduce energy use.

This year, keep up the great work by incorporating some of these tips into your regular routine. You can resolve to turn off the lights when you leave a room, replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, or invest in ENERGY STAR appliances.

Every small energy-efficient change you make will add up to major energy savings for our state, helping to reduce Michigan’s carbon footprint while keeping energy reliable and affordable.

  1. Resolve to Get the Word Out

The AMP community is only as strong as we make it—and as the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. This year, commit to helping AMP grow its ranks of energy advocates by telling four friends or family members about what we are doing to support a brighter energy future for all Michiganders.

Michigan legislators need to hear from their constituents so they know how important it is to pass smart energy policies that protect a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future.

The more support we have from Michiganders like you, the bigger impact we will be able to have on our state’s energy policy, so help us spread the word today!

  1. Resolve to Support Energy Assistance

At the end of 2020, we discussed ways in which we can all help give the gift of energy during the holiday season. However, just because the holidays are behind us doesn’t mean the need for energy assistance has magically disappeared. In fact, as we get further into another Michigan winter, that need will only grow.

In 2021, make it a point to support energy assistance—whether it’s by giving the gift of energy directly or by speaking out for programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This year’s LIHEAP Action Day is just around the corner—February 23 and 24. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know what you can do to help.

Have you made any other energy-related New Year’s resolutions or will you commit to making one (or more) of the resolutions above? Let us know by joining in the conversation on Facebook.