2018 State of the State: Priorities that Aren’t Possible without Reliable Michigan Energy

Last week, Governor Snyder delivered his 2018 State of the State Address in front of the Michigan State Legislature in Lansing. The Governor discussed his outlook and priorities for Michigan in 2018, many of which are only possible if we also support a strong, vibrant energy sector and a robust, 21st-century electric grid. In case you missed it, you can watch the Governor’s speech in full here.

Record of Achievements

In his final State of the State, Governor Snyder kicked things off by touting the improvements Michigan has made under his leadership since taking office in 2011, including:

Every economic advancement the Governor mentioned depended on reliable, affordable energy. Michigan’s commitment to energy produced by Michiganders for Michiganders has helped foster growth not only in our energy sector but also in key sectors like manufacturing and agriculture.

Building Michigan’s Next-Generation Workforce

The Governor also discussed how his administration has addressed and improved the state of education in Michigan. He noted Michigan’s early middle college programs grew from 12 in 2011 to 136 today, giving more high school students a chance to get a head start on college. Expanding and strengthening career technical education will also continue to be a priority to build a pool of skilled trade employees who are career ready.

Michigan’s energy sector will be a key source of the job opportunities when today’s students enter tomorrow’s workforce. Of the current energy sector employees, roughly a third or more will retire by the end of the decade. Finding qualified talent with trade and technical skills—new hires who can support the evolution of our electric system—will be critical to replace these retiring workers. Local energy providers have picked up on the Governor’s request for more technical skill programs, and have created opportunities for Michiganders through summer youth programs and job training programs.

The Run Down

Governor Snyder addressed a wide range of other issues his administration has prioritized over the years and outlined his six key priorities for 2018 and beyond—mobility, talent, education, infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, and civility—and his vision for addressing each of these issues to help create a stronger, more vibrant, forward-thinking Michigan.

The 2018 State of the State focused on creating a growing, thriving Michigan powered by a strong economy, diverse workforce, committed local businesses, and the hard work and dedication of everyday Michiganders.

AMP has shared these goals for the last four years, and we will continue to advocate for policies that strengthen our economy and communities by ensuring Michigan has a strong energy infrastructure that keeps businesses, schools, services, and homes powered with reliable, affordable energy.

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