2017 State of the State: Reinventing Michigan Means Reinventing Infrastructure, Including Energy

Members of the 2017 – 2018 Michigan Legislature gathered at the capitol building in Lansing on January 17 to hear Governor Rick Snyder issue his 2017 State of the State Address.

The speech, which lasted a little under an hour, touched on many important topics. You can view the entire speech here or read a transcript here.

At the heart of Governor Snyder’s address was infrastructure. He discussed the urgent need to invest an additional $4 billion in infrastructure — a figure much greater than what the state currently spends.

“We cannot take this for granted. Michigan residents deserve safe, reliable, sustainable infrastructure.”

Much of that infrastructure spending will be tied to our electric infrastructure, specifically our grid. The integrated asset management system Governor Snyder wants to see Michigan create will combine data on infrastructure and coordinate planning among cities, utilities, and state government. It will update and link all of the state’s infrastructural features, including energy supply lines, fiber-optic cables and transit systems. This update will aid tremendously in developing and improving Michigan’s Smart Grid.

Following recommendations from Michigan’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, the Governor indicated the state must focus on a new energy infrastructure, specifically in the areas of cleaner energy sources, and electric reliability, natural gas safety, information security, and business attraction and economic development.

This investment in infrastructure is good news for Michigan’s job market, especially in the energy industry. New good-paying jobs will be created for workers helping us design and build innovations that keep energy affordable and reliable.

Governor Snyder also highlighted how Michigan’s new energy policy, a huge achievement in 2016, will help meet growing demand for smart energy delivery and ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future.

“One of the big accomplishments this last year was energy legislation. Some of us even pulled an all-nighter on that one, but it was worth it because it’s going to achieve three outcomes: It’s going to help protect our environment, it’s going to help us meet our energy need, and it’s going to save Michiganders money.”

Senators Nofs and Proos and former Representative Nesbitt, among others, were applauded for their hard work in ensuring Michigan now has energy policy supporting our evolving energy system for decades to come.

AMP will continue to keep a close watch on Lansing, and we’ll let you know how you can get involved to bring this vision of a bright, clean, sustainable energy future to fruition.