Michigan energy should
be made in Michigan


Innovating to Reach Net Zero by 2050—or Sooner


Test Your Net Zero Knowledge!


Responsible Regulation

Responsible regulation ensures energy remains reliable, affordable, and sustainable for all Michigan homes, businesses, and communities.

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Reliable Renewables

Renewable energy is important to Michigan’s energy future and can be integrated into our energy system in ways that benefit all consumers without putting reliability at risk.

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Sustainable Energy Assistance

Wise use of Michigan’s energy assistance resources will help more low-income Michiganders break negative cycles and become truly self-sufficient.

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Stronger Energy System

Nearly everything about how we produce, deliver, and consume energy is changing to better meet Michiganders’ needs in both the short and long term.

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Politics of Energy

Smart energy policy is driven by policymakers who recognize keeping our energy supply reliable, affordable, and sustainable is vital to Michigan’s energy and economic future.

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Energy 101

Energy efficiency is a vital component of Michigan’s energy future, helping improve reliability, control consumer costs, and reduce the overall strain on our energy system.

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Energy Activities

Widespread school closures in response to the spread of COVID-19 means many kids across Michigan are now learning from home. Check out the energy games and activities below to give your young ones something fun to do while they learn more about our energy system.

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What are your 2022 energy resolutions? In our latest blog, we share resolutions you can make to conserve energy, protect the environment, save money, and help others. Start the new year off on the right foot when it comes to energy.

Natural gas is a critical part of Michigan’s energy mix—and it reduces carbon emissions by replacing coal plants. It also helps make wind and solar possible! Learn more about MI’s clean energy milestones:

The Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant serves as a natural battery for wind and solar power. It’s an important part of Michigan’s path to achieving net zero carbon emissions. Learn more about MI’s clean energy milestones:

We recap key clean energy policies that emerged from Lansing and Washington in 2021 in our latest blog. Learn how Michigan will benefit from new investments in energy #infrastructure.

Solar power has been heating up in Michigan in recent years, with Michigan-based businesses and industries partnering with local energy providers to help advance this renewable resource. Learn more:

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