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AMP believes energy innovation will move Michigan forward.

Michigan-owned and -operated energy providers help power the state’s energy future. They are committed to developing new sources of clean energy and increasing investment in innovative energy infrastructure. AMP supports real, Michigan-based energy solutions that increase sustainability, advance energy use education and awareness, and make our homes more energy efficient.

Key policies affecting energy innovation in Michigan include:

  • Electric Deregulation. Michigan’s energy policies should promote investment in new technologies and clean energy solutions to help ensure that Michigan communities thrive. Learn more.
  • Renewable Energy AMP believes common-sense renewable energy standards can advance sustainable long-term development of key resources while also maintaining reliable electricity access for Michigan families. Learn more.
  • Environmental Policy. Michigan’s energy policy framework must help us meet future energy needs in a way that is both environmentally and economically responsible. Learn more.
  • Smart Grid/Automated Meters. AMP supports expansion of Smart Grid technology and other innovative solutions that will promote effective energy utilization and cost savings. Learn more.