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The Economy and Jobs

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AMP believes in a bright economic future for Michigan.

We are enthusiastic about the role energy will play in advancing our state’s economic comeback, creating local jobs, and improving the quality of life for Michigan’s families and communities.

Michigan-owned and -operated energy providers make a vital contribution to the economic activity of our communities by investing in modern energy infrastructure, keeping rates stable and affordable, and generating revenues that translate into well-paying local jobs, educational investments, emergency services, and other important resources and services.

Key energy policies that impact Michigan’s economic outlook include:

  • Deregulation. Access to reliable, fairly priced energy is critical to Michigan’s future. We need reasonable energy policies that promote investment in our communities and state economy. Learn more.
  • Renewable Energy.  Renewable energy sources are an important component of Michigan’s long-term energy plan and—if pursued in well-planned and cost-effective ways—can strengthen our economy and create jobs. Learn more.
  • Environmental Policy. We support real, forward-looking solutions that preserve Michigan’s environment and promote energy conservation, while also encouraging economic growth, investment, and continuous improvement. Learn more.