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Smart Grid

Smart Grid and Automated Meters will energize Michigan’s future.

AMP believes a Smart Grid and Automated Meters are vital to moving Michigan forward and ensuring continuous improvement in meeting the energy needs of Michigan’s families and communities.

AMP supports forward-thinking solutions for Michigan that:
  • Advance development of modern energy infrastructure while promoting energy conservation and increased sustainability.
  • Encourage local energy providers to make investments in power system upgrades that increase reliability and help keep energy prices stable and fair.
  • Keep Michigan on the cutting edge of energy innovation, ensuring the state’s ability to make its own power and not become overly reliant on out-of-state energy sources.

Smart Grid—Moving Energy Technology into the Future

A smart grid is a modernized high-tech electrical grid that:
  • Provides remote meter reading and monitoring of the electric distribution system.
  • Enables faster, more reliable power outage detection and restoration.
  • Empowers customers to better manage their power consumption.

Making the Grid “Smart”

Building a “smart” electrical grid includes upgrading electrical equipment, as well as installing a communication network and a centralized control system. When the upgrade is complete, energy providers will be able to pinpoint problems more quickly, detect system damage, and re-route power from nearby undamaged circuits, minimizing the impact of outages.

Connecting Homes and Businesses with the Smart Grid

Upgrading the system also involves installing state-of-the-art digital meters in homes and businesses that automatically transmit usage information to energy providers and help the system detect outages. Customers can access their daily energy usage information to manage consumption more effectively.

Smart Grid and Automated Meters in Michigan
Michigan’s energy providers are leading the nation in upgrading to high-tech electrical infrastructure. These new capabilities will allow customers to make choices that save money and protect the environment. In Southeastern Michigan, crews are currently adding new equipment to several electrical circuits and substations. The work includes replacing overhead power lines and utility pole cross arms and insulators. They are also adding the equipment that enables remote operation of the electrical system. .


How Smart Grids Work