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Michigan Energy March Madness!

March Madness is descending on college basketball fans nationwide, and we’re prepping our bracket too—our Michigan Energy March Madness bracket! Get to know the major players in Michigan’s energy mix with these fast facts.

Natural Gas:

  • Michigan’s geography and underground storage is ideal for harnessing natural gas; we lead the nation in underground storage capacity.
  • Michigan continues to invest in natural gas—the construction of the NEXUS pipeline and the proposed plant in St. Clair County mean natural gas is here to stay.
  • Natural gas is cleaner and more sustainable than any other fossil fuel. Expect this energy resource to go all the way!


  • Hydro is currently Michigan’s energy underdog. It’s a small but powerful part of Michigan’s energy mix.
  • Roughly 100 of the 2,600 dams in Michigan are used to produce about 400 megawatts of electricity for Michiganders.
  • Fun Fact: The Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant produces enough power to serve about 1.4 million homes.


  • Thanks to the 2016 energy law, Michigan is expected to increase the amount of power produced from renewables to 15% in just four short years.
  • Solar energy use has increased by about 20 percent each year for the past 15 years.
  • Wind and solar are valuable sources of energy but still have one obvious weakness—we can’t depend on them to generate power 24/7.


  • Michigan currently has three nuclear plants—Cook, Fermi, and Palisades—and four reactors powering the state.
  • In 2016, nuclear energy accounted for 28% of Michigan’s electricity production.

The Great Thing about Michigan Energy March Madness? Everybody Wins!

All of these resources are key pieces of Michigan’s energy puzzle. As the pieces come together and our energy mix continues to evolve, the real winners are Michigan families and businesses. We all win with an energy strategy that enables us to enjoy the benefits of all these energy sources.

Combined, natural gas, nuclear, wind and solar, and hydro and other renewables will help us keep Michigan energy reliable, affordable, and clean for every Michigander.

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