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AMP believes reliable, fairly priced energy is key to Michigan’s future.

AMP supports energy solutions that protect customers from price volatility, promote fairness and accountability, and keep electricity affordable and reliable. Michigan’s hometown energy companies are committed to our families and communities in ways that no out-of-state companies can be. They are run by Michigan workers who share our concerns about our quality of life.

Common-sense policies can help create a brighter future by encouraging our local energy providers to make important investments, promote efficiency, and continue improving quality and service.

"We all depend on the power staying on: whether at home, at work, or on the road.  This challenge has and will only grow over time.  Michigan needs to take action to ensure reliablity is an area of strength for all of our state today and in the future." Governor Rick Snyder (full statement)

Key policies that affect the reliability and fairness of Michigan’s electric system include:
  • Electric Deregulation. Michigan needs common-sense protections and reasonable regulations that protect customers and promote fairness while encouraging sensible investments in energy innovation and system upgrades. Learn more
  • Environmental Policy. As Michigan implements new renewable energy standards, we must set achievable goals and pursue real solutions that don’t disrupt the energy supply or put undue economic burdens on struggling families and businesses. Learn more.
  • Smart Grid/Automated Meters. AMP believes upgrading our electrical grid will make our electricity supply more reliable, more efficient, and protect customers from price volatility. Learn more.
  • LIHEAP. Our state’s most vulnerable citizens should never have to choose between electricity and other necessities like food and medicine. AMP supports adequate federal funding for programs that help Michigan families keep the power on in times of crisis.Learn more.